INEOS 格兰杰默斯 moves forward on the next phase of its journey to reduce greenhouse gas 排放 to net zero by 2045, 进一步投资超过10亿英镑.

  • INEOS and Petroineos at 格兰杰默斯 fully support the Scottish Government targets to reduce 排放 to net zero by 2045 as part of a just transition to a low carbon economy.
  • 今天, it announces the next phase of its Road Map to deliver 排放 savings of more than 60% across the site by 2030 as it continues to make reductions towards net zero 排放 by 2045 in Scotland.
  • Net Zero的秘书Michael Matheson说: “我欢迎这项重大投资, which demonstrates INEOS’ support for Scotland’s journey to becoming a net-zero economy by 2045. This will not only drive forward innovation and diversification to tackle 排放 at 格兰杰默斯, 但也将支持其他行业的脱碳, 地点和地区.
  • Andrew Gardner,董事长INEOS 格兰杰默斯: “气候 change is one of the most urgent environmental, economic and social issues of our time. We’ve set an ambitious plan to achieve Net Zero by 2045 and today we are announcing the next stage of our road map which includes an investment in excess of £1 billion…
  • “Our roadmap builds on the significant reductions we’ve already made at 格兰杰默斯. 当冰球突破手机版下载在2005年买下这块地时,它排放了大约500万吨二氧化碳2 每年. 今天冰球突破手机版下载已经将其减少到300万吨. 冰球突破手机版下载的下一步, 通过Acorn项目将氢与碳捕获结合使用, 会将其减少到200万以下吗. 冰球突破手机版下载的路线图, 延伸到Acorn项目之外, 有一个目标, 那就是安全有效地减少二氧化碳2 到2045年实现零排放.” 

INEOS 格兰杰默斯 has today announced planned further investment of over £1 billion towards reducing greenhouse gas 排放 at its site to net zero by 2045, 在净CO减少37%的基础上2 自2005年收购该场地以来,已经产生了排放.

INEOS has already committed over £500m spend on projects which are approved and currently being implemented at 格兰杰默斯. 这包括对冰球突破手机版下载新能源工厂的投资, which is due for completion in late 2023 and will supply energy to all our site operations and the highly efficient technology will drive down 排放 by at least 150,000公吨一氧化碳2 每年.

今天’s announcement includes in excess of a further £1 billion spend to enable this next phase of the transition to net zero.

冰球突破手机版下载的路线图 will deliver a reduction in excess of 60% in greenhouse gas 排放 by 2030 through a series of investments, 合作伙伴关系, 和创新工程.

The Road Map involves a move to the production and use of hydrogen by all businesses at the 格兰杰默斯 site accompanied by carbon capture and storage of at least 1 million tonnes 每年 of CO2 by 2030. 这将包括捕获CO2 from existing hydrogen production and the construction of a world-scale carbon capture enabled hydrogen production plant.

Additional contributions to driving down 排放 will come from further investments in energy reduction and optimisation, 随着关键设备的电气化. There will also be a shift in our polymer product portfolio to include higher levels of post-consumer recycled content as we contribute to a growing circular economy.

INEOS 格兰杰默斯’s Road Map highlights its commitment to supporting the goals of the Paris Accord and helping the Scottish Government in its drive for a ‘Just Transition’ to a net zero economy.

Net Zero的秘书Michael Matheson说: “我欢迎这项重大投资, which demonstrates INEOS’ support for Scotland’s journey to becoming a net-zero economy by 2045. This will not only drive forward innovation and diversification to tackle 排放 at 格兰杰默斯, 但也将支持其他行业的脱碳, 地点和地区.

“Low-carbon hydrogen offers the swiftest decarbonisation route for our industrial sector and today’s commitment by INEOS makes an even stronger case for the UK Government to select the Scottish Cluster, 今年夏天冰球突破手机版下载与哪些公司合作, to be among the first CCS clusters to be awarded funding through its current cluster sequencing process

“格兰杰默斯, 冰球突破手机版下载本身, already holds a wealth of experience in engineering solutions and hydrogen production, 这一新的投资对格兰杰茅斯的未来具有巨大的潜力, 以及位于那里的重要工作, 作为过渡到零的一部分.”

INEOS 格兰杰默斯董事长安德鲁·加德纳说: “实际上,冰球突破手机版下载必须比重要的二氧化碳走得更远2 冰球突破手机版下载已经实现了减排. By 2045 we have to be net zero equivalent and we have to set some really ambitious but achievable targets for ourselves for 2030.”

斯图亚特·科林斯,冰球突破手机版下载首席执行官&英国, “冰球突破手机版下载面临的挑战是提供一份路线图,确保公正过渡到净零. This can only be achieved if we remain globally competitive and we stay ahead of evolving regulations and legislation. Hydrogen will play a very important role in the decarbonisation of our manufacturing plants. Building the infrastructure for large scale utilisation of hydrogen creates a foundation to achieve net zero by 2045 and enables wider use of hydrogen by INEOS and others in and around 格兰杰默斯.”

INEOS at 格兰杰默斯 has the skilled resources and capabilities to make this transition work, 以及Acorn项目等关键合作伙伴, 苏格兰的碳捕获和储存项目. We expect that we can count on both the Scottish and UK governments’ support to drive positive change towards Net Zero.

INEOS 格兰杰默斯的净零路线图雄心勃勃,但却是可以实现的. It creates the foundations for the delivery of net zero by 2045 and will establish a low carbon, hydrogen infrastructure critical to secure the future of large-scale manufacturing at 格兰杰默斯.



Petroineos operates the 格兰杰默斯 Refinery and is a Joint Venture formed between INEOS and PetroChina in 2011. 苏格兰唯一的原油精炼厂, Petroineos is the primary supplier of aviation fuel for Scotland’s main airports and the major supplier of petrol and diesel across Scotland’s Central Belt, 以及北爱尔兰和英格兰北部.

冰球突破手机版下载O&P UK在格兰杰默斯经营着烯烃和聚合物石化工厂. 这个行业使用的原材料为北海天然气提供了一个出口, 通过位于同一地点的Forties管道系统交付. 其成品为乙烯, 丙烯, 聚乙烯, 聚丙烯, 乙醇在很多行业都被用作基础材料, 制造满足社会需求的产品——在制药领域 & 医疗保健、农业、建设 & 公用事业、食品 & 饮料,和汽车 & 交通运输行业. 许多其他部门和公司依靠冰球突破手机版下载的材料来减少CO2 可再生能源发电的低碳排放解决方案, 轻量级的包装, 汽车零部件, 还有冰球突破手机版下载家里使用的塑料, 办公室, 学校, 和医院.

INEOS FPS operates the Forties Pipeline System landing and processing approximately 40% of North Sea oil and gas production for onward domestic and international sales. 2017年10月,冰球突破手机版下载从BP手中收购了Forties管道系统.

冰球突破手机版下载最近重新推出的网站www.ineosgrangemouth.com, features regular news stories providing details about individual projects and activities that are helping us to drive down our net CO2 排放.


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